Friday, January 14, 2005

Sgro Finally Gone

Why does it take these flakey polititians so long to see the writing on the wall. Martin should have had the sense to bounce her ass out of there months ago. KS

Immigration Minister Resigns

OTTAWA (CP) - Judy Sgro, who was already on political life support, succumbed Friday to a fresh allegation of wrongdoing and resigned as federal immigration minister.

But she said she was only stepping down to allow her to prove she's innocent and fight to clear her name. She became the first casualty in Prime Minister Paul Martin's seven-month-old minority government, which limped back to power in June on promises of being squeaky clean after the sponsorship scandal.

Sgro's departure came after a Toronto pizzeria owner alleged she promised him asylum in return for providing food and workers for her re-election campaign last June. CNEWS


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