Thursday, April 28, 2005

About Time I Say

New York Sues Intermix Over Spyware

New York Attorney General Eliot 'The Blitzer' Spitzer has launched a suit against Intermix Media, claiming the firm markets software that covertly installs "spyware" and "adware" on infected machines. The suit against Los Angeles-based Intermix is the largest to date involving programs that redirect web addresses, add toolbars and deliver pop-up ads. New York reckons Intermix is responsible for infecting million of home computers with nuisance programs and worse.

The suit follows a six-month investigation in which the Attorney General's office found that Intermix had installed a wide range of advertising software on home computers without giving consumers proper notice. Intermix owns and operates a wide range of web sites, including, and, which advertised "free" software available for download, including screensavers, screen cursors and games. Along with these programs comes invasive ad-ware programs which allegedly get installed without the consent of consumers visiting these sites. - The Register

Monday, April 25, 2005

NDP Shows True Colours And Sells Out

Martin considers risky tax changes for the NDP

Liberals may be willing to defer their proposed corporate tax cuts in an effort to win NDP support for the federal budget, a move that might not save the minority government but could drive a wedge between the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois.

Many Liberals call the Conservative-Bloc Quebecois an "unholy alliance," and are looking for a way to at least embarrass the opposition parties in the event of an election call.

"One way to do that," says CTV's chief political correspondent Craig Oliver, "is to add a lot of social spending to the budget -- spending that would be very popular in Ontario and Quebec."

NDP Leader Jack Layton has given the Liberals until Tuesday to answer he demand that they scrap the $4.6 billion in corporate tax cuts. Layton wants the money applied to housing, the environment and child care. - CTV

In their desperate struggle for any sort of power on the national stage, Layton and the NDP will actually make a deal with the most corrupt government in our history. In doing so they will be signing their own death warrant in the West. It might sound like a good idea in Toronto, but it ain't going to work out here. Layton is over-playing his hand and will preside over the biggest setback the NDP has ever seen. Its going to be fun to watch. - KS

Canada Conservatives Scorn Liberal-NDP Budget Deal - Yahoo

Martin, Layton stand ground on budget -

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Righteous Shooting

Great Granny Guns Would-Be Thief

A man accused of bursting into a convenience store demanding money was in the hospital Friday — shot, authorities said, by the great-great-grandmother working behind the counter.

Janet Grammer was filling in for the regular clerk Thursday afternoon when a man entered the store waving a gun and fired two shot at the back wall.

"I think he thought I was an old woman and would just give him the money," Grammer, 64, said Friday. "My life was at stake. I thought he was going to kill me."

So she pulled a pistol out from under the cash register and fired once, hitting the man in the chest. He fell to the ground, dropped his gun and then fled, leaving a trail of blood. Grammer fired two more shots as he was running away. CBS Via NealeNews

A Moral Duty To Resign

After years of Liberal lies and corruption, Paul Martin has no right to govern at all. He should ask Canadians who they want as their leader, says Michael Coren.

I CAN just imagine the Liberal spin doctors with their sleeves rolled up, drinking numerous cups of coffee and looking stressed and under pressure. Just like, in fact, some character out of The West Wing. Because truth be told, many of the boys and girls who work for Canadian parties and politicians think they're on The West Wing. I've even heard some of them repeat lines straight out of the show, seemingly unaware that they're mouthing some vacuous cliche written by a Hollywood hack. But you see, it's the process and the style rather than the ideology and the truth that tend to matter to such people. - Toronto Sun Via NealeNews

Friday, April 15, 2005

Can Stand The Competition

Elite Media Fret Over Alternative Media

All was well with the world when the mainstream media controlled the information flow and Democrats controlled the Congress, CBS's Lesley Stahl and MSNBC's Chris Matthews seemed to contend Wednesday night on Hardball. Matthews, who hosts a show of unedited opinions, rued how news is "coming out of blog sites and stuff that is unedited in a lot of cases, which is my big problem with it. There's no editors around." Stahl complained "it's contributing to the public's continuing dislike of us and mistrust of us. And we're all in this bowl together. 60 Minutes correspondents are the media. So are the bloggers." Stahl, who works for an outlet which used forged memos in a political hit job, lamented that instead of checking facts, "everyone is shooting from the hip, everybody. And it's a little scary." Matthews expressed how he's "gettin' nervous lately" that "since we don't have any Democrats in Congress controlling those committees, like John Dingell and Ed Markey and those guys...that we don't have enough subpoena action out there. Are we keeping a check on corporate power in America right now?" Stahl worried that many media outlets cannot stand up to power and rued that "if the press doesn't do these things, sometimes, our system won't be as self-cleansing as it has been in the past." - Media Research Centre

Abuse Of Power

Website Gagged As Calgary Police Chief Wins Court Order

Calgary's police chief Jack Beaton has used a rare legal tactic to seize a computer from a private home that was believed to have been used to operate a website critical to Beaton and his senior managers.

Beaton obtained a civil court order this month to enter the home of a civilian police employee and seize the computer. CBC

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Homolka Won't Be Charged In Sister's Death

'Deal With The Devil' Means Homolka Won't Be Charged In Sister's Death: Ontario

Ontario's so-called "deal with the devil" will ensure Karla Homolka escapes prosecution in the drug-rape death of her sister when she's released from prison this summer, the Ontario government admitted Tuesday.

"I'm not going to go back and second-guess the decision, that's for sure," said Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant.

"That was something that was looked at some years ago and it was reviewed as well by a public inquiry. The decision was made ... at the time to leave things as they were."

Homolka secured a 12-year prison sentence for manslaughter in 1993 after entering into a plea bargain with Ontario Crown officials.

While she was never charged in the 1990 Christmas Eve death of 15-year-old Tammy Homolka, her sentence took the incident into account. - Yahoo

Monday, April 11, 2005

Three Months To Go

Ontario Seeks Order To Restrict Homolka's Movements When Released From Prison

Karla Homolka's freedoms would be severely restricted anywhere she goes in Canada under court orders the Ontario government vowed to pursue Monday as the schoolgirl killer's prison term draws to a close.

"Canada's attorneys general stand shoulder-to-shoulder from coast-to-coast-to-coast - ready, willing and able to protect the public upon release of Karla Homolka," said Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant.

"By getting the co-operation of all the provinces, we have ensured that we will, in fact, always be one step ahead of her."

Ontario Crown attorneys plan to appear before a Quebec provincial judge in mid-June, seeking restrictions under the Criminal Code against Canada's most notorious female inmate.

"We will be seeking the strictest conditions possible," said Bryant. "The steps will be taken in advance of her release from prison. That means there will be no possibility of her slipping away."

However, Quebec's justice department won't say if they will intervene in Ontario's request. - CP

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thomas Sowell Analyses The Libs

The Hypocrisy of Modern Liberalism

Liberals may think of themselves as people who believe in certain principles but, if you observe their actual behavior, you are likely to discover that most liberals have a certain set of attitudes, rather than principles.

Liberals may denounce "greed," for example, but in practice it all depends on whose greed. Nothing the government does is ever likely to be called "greed" by liberals.

Even when the government confiscated more than half the income of some people in taxes, that was not greed, as far as the left was concerned. Nor is it greed in their eyes when local politicians across the country bulldoze whole working class neighborhoods, destroying homes that people spent a lifetime sacrificing to buy, and paying them less than the market value of those homes through legal chicanery. - Capitalism Magazine

Mark Steyn On The CIA

Iraq's New Honchos Have Our Spies To Thank

There was a new report calling for reform of U.S. intelligence last week. It contradicts the last report calling for reform of U.S. intelligence. The last one wanted to centralize intelligence, which has since been done. The new one wants to decentralize intelligence. Good luck getting anyone's attention with intelligence-reform reform three weeks after the last go-round. If Sandy Berger stuffed every post-9/11 report down his pants, waddled off, cut them up in his kitchen and returned them randomly pasted together, I doubt it would make any difference.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the glass in Iraq is three-quarters full, which is why stories on the subject are buried so deep in the paper they might as well be in Sandy's gusset. Saddam's old prison state is now the first Arab country with a non-Arab head of state: a Kurd, Jalal Talabani. When you're trying to make sense of the bewildering array of Iraqi politicians who prospered in the January elections, a good rule of thumb is: Chances are they're guys who've been stiffed by the CIA. President-to-be Talabani fell out with them a decade ago, when they pulled the plug on a U.S.-backed insurrection at 48 hours' notice and failed to pay the late cancellation fee. Talabani was part of the Kurdish delegation that had a ''secret'' meeting with CIA honchos in April 2002, in which the drollest exchange came when the Kurds expressed skepticism as to whether the officials present really represented the U.S. government. - More At The Chicago Sun Times

This Was Buried On

Sponsorship scandal may spur Liberal MPs to cross floor

OTTAWA - The sponsorship scandal may send at least one Liberal MP running into the arms of the Conservatives – and is fuelling more talk of a snap federal election.

The latest explosive allegations from the sponsorship inquiry have spurred David Kilgour, a Liberal MP from Edmonton, to ponder whether he wants to quit the Liberal Party or leave politics entirely. - CBC

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bloggers Strike Again

Neale, And The New Northern Alliance - Small Dead Animals

Great work on this very important story, thanks to everyone involved. - KS

Grandma Airlifted To Medical Center.
-Receiving IV fluids, nourishment, says nephew who credits WND, bloggers, & Terri's friends.
- World Net Daily

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Government Still Doesn't Get It

Feds bid to plug Gomery leaks

CANADA'S attorney general is probing possible breaches of a publication ban set up to protect explosive testimony at the AdScam inquiry. Justice spokesman Patrick Charette said federal lawyers are looking into the Internet sites reproducing excerpts of Montreal ad exec Jean Brault's testimony and providing a link to a U.S. blog featuring more extensive coverage of the hearing.

"We have to decide what the best course of action is," Charette said, adding federal lawyers could charge Canadian bloggers and website owners with contempt of court or suggest AdScam Justice John Gomery issue warning letters.


"It's a discussion that will take place between Justice lawyers and the Gomery commission," Charette said.

Website owners and bloggers began thumbing their nose at the publication ban on the weekend. A U.S. right-wing blogger posted the first accounts of Brault's testimony on Saturday and Canadian bloggers have followed suit.

Winnipeg blogger Michael Napier said the threat of being hauled into court to face contempt charges won't cause him to pull the testimony excerpts from his site. Since he posted the information, traffic on his site has doubled. "Does the right of one person override the right of 32 million people?" Napier asked.

Toronto Sun

Isn't it great to see bureaucrats, judges, and politicians flail around in public in their vain attempt to control the Internet. Get over it people, the genie is out and there ain't no putting it back - KS

Desparate Measures

Liberals offer to pull Kyoto provision from budget

The minority Liberal government has offered to pull a controversial provision from its budget bill.

Liberal House leader Tony Valeri said on Tuesday that the government will allow the amendment to be removed. To avert a showdown, Valeri offered a deal to Conservative House leader Jay Hill that will allow the finance committee to reject the proposal.

"Well, I'm essentially giving Mr. Hill what he's asked for. If the committee removes it, we would certainly not bring it back," Valeri said.

The Liberal offer could avoid a vote of non-confidence. If the government lost, it might trigger an election.


I Thought Only White People Were Racists

Ahenakew still believes Jews started WWII

David Ahenakew told his hate trial Tuesday that he still believes Jews were the cause of the Second World War and he doesn't think there is anything wrong with his opinion.

The former head of the Assembly of First Nations and member of the Order of Canada is charged under the Criminal Code with wilfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group after he made public his opinions in a speech to a Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations' conference more than two years ago.

"I didn't think I said anything wrong during my speech," Ahenakew testified under cross-examination by Crown prosecutor Brent Klause.

More From CNEWS

Nuff Said - KS

Tories Chomping At The Bit - Hopefully

Tories ponder election call

The Conservatives will decide whether to trigger an election after a publication ban is lifted on shocking testimony at the sponsorship inquiry, deputy Conservative leader Peter MacKay says.

The sensational details delivered by Liberal-friendly ad executive Jean Brault could become public this week.

And the Tories will judge whether the wave of public anger over the sponsorship scandal becomes enough of a deluge to carry them into office, MacKay suggested.

More From CNEWS