Thursday, May 18, 2006

Female Captain Latest Casualty

Proud to lead 'her guys'
In the middle of the night, lurching across the Afghan desert, it was her voice on the radio that served as an audible beacon, so calming, assured and assuring.

Mellifluous, almost like the intimate tones of a midnight DJ, except that Capt. Nichola Goddard was relaying streams of data about what was happening out there, in the dark: An unidentified car approaching from the left, somebody crossing a wadi by foot to the right, Apache helicopters circling overhead.

She wasn't the only commander contributing to radio chatter as this long military column zigged and zagged over hostile terrain — penetrating deep into Taliban territory — but her voice was the most distinctive, the most soothing, to troops huddled in their Bisons and LAVs, including those in vehicles that had gone astray and had to be lassoed back. - More @ Toronto Star

Prayers to the family of this Canadian hero.

Soldier's husband will miss his 'best friend' - Sun News


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