Monday, April 25, 2005

NDP Shows True Colours And Sells Out

Martin considers risky tax changes for the NDP

Liberals may be willing to defer their proposed corporate tax cuts in an effort to win NDP support for the federal budget, a move that might not save the minority government but could drive a wedge between the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois.

Many Liberals call the Conservative-Bloc Quebecois an "unholy alliance," and are looking for a way to at least embarrass the opposition parties in the event of an election call.

"One way to do that," says CTV's chief political correspondent Craig Oliver, "is to add a lot of social spending to the budget -- spending that would be very popular in Ontario and Quebec."

NDP Leader Jack Layton has given the Liberals until Tuesday to answer he demand that they scrap the $4.6 billion in corporate tax cuts. Layton wants the money applied to housing, the environment and child care. - CTV

In their desperate struggle for any sort of power on the national stage, Layton and the NDP will actually make a deal with the most corrupt government in our history. In doing so they will be signing their own death warrant in the West. It might sound like a good idea in Toronto, but it ain't going to work out here. Layton is over-playing his hand and will preside over the biggest setback the NDP has ever seen. Its going to be fun to watch. - KS

Canada Conservatives Scorn Liberal-NDP Budget Deal - Yahoo

Martin, Layton stand ground on budget -


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