Monday, April 11, 2005

Three Months To Go

Ontario Seeks Order To Restrict Homolka's Movements When Released From Prison

Karla Homolka's freedoms would be severely restricted anywhere she goes in Canada under court orders the Ontario government vowed to pursue Monday as the schoolgirl killer's prison term draws to a close.

"Canada's attorneys general stand shoulder-to-shoulder from coast-to-coast-to-coast - ready, willing and able to protect the public upon release of Karla Homolka," said Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant.

"By getting the co-operation of all the provinces, we have ensured that we will, in fact, always be one step ahead of her."

Ontario Crown attorneys plan to appear before a Quebec provincial judge in mid-June, seeking restrictions under the Criminal Code against Canada's most notorious female inmate.

"We will be seeking the strictest conditions possible," said Bryant. "The steps will be taken in advance of her release from prison. That means there will be no possibility of her slipping away."

However, Quebec's justice department won't say if they will intervene in Ontario's request. - CP


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