Monday, March 21, 2005

Weapons Of Mass Disinformation

Richard W. Rahn at The Washington Times

If someone advocates an ideology that has contempt for the individual and has caused untold economic misery and the deaths of hundreds of millions at the hands of their governments, what would you think of that person?
The ideology I refer to is, of course, socialism and its numerous variations, including the utopian socialists, the Fabian socialists, the National Socialists, and, naturally, the communists. Socialism is simply an economic system where the government (or collective) owns and controls the means of production. Given that the two centuries of socialists' experiments, whether by utopians, Marxists, or Fabians, always ended in economic failure and a loss of personal liberty, why are people around the globe still proudly proclaiming themselves socialists? Socialist parties are still popular in parts of Europe, Latin American, and in much of Africa. Socialist parties have been elected to power in both Spain and Portugal in recent months. Many college professors and students on U.S. campuses claim to be socialists. More...

Try reading "The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression" if you get the chance. The scope of the death machine boggles the mind, yet at all the so-called anti war rallies the Socialists and Communists are out in force peddling their shite. Yeah thats right, lets all move to North Korea! - KS

credit: Protest Warrior


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