Monday, March 21, 2005

Mark Steyn And "The Culture Of Death"

The strange death of the liberal West

I am, as Tony Blair might say, deeply passionately personally deeply personally opposed to abortion. But, unlike him, I think it ought to be an election issue.

Not because of my personal beliefs: I happen to believe a lot of what we call "late-term abortion" is in reality early-term infanticide, but, if you don't accept that that's a human life that's being destroyed, my deeply personal passionate beliefs aren't likely to sway you one way or another. That's where so-called progressive politicians such as Blair and John Kerry have it all backwards: the point about abortion is not that it's a "matter of conscience" for individuals to "wrestle with", but that it's a crucial part of the central political challenge of our time. More...

Not mentioned by Mark is the trend in Europe at least where the slack in the birthrate is being taken up by unlimited immigration and higher birthrates among immigrant populations. Not a problem if European societies were melting pots of assimilation, but in an era where radical Islam is setting the agenda in the ghettos of France and Holland it will be one soon. We still have time in North America but old Europe will be looking a lot like Syria soon if the trend isn't reversed. Nice to see that the Dutch are starting to wake up. - KS


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