Monday, February 21, 2005

The Good Doctor Eats His Gun

Fox News

Hunter S. Thompson, the hard-living writer who inserted himself into his accounts of America's underbelly and popularized a first-person form of journalism in books such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," has committed suicide. More...

One might think it a bit odd that I would pay tribute to Hunter S. Thompson on this blog. A little background might be appropriate. Before I was a right wing nut job I was a left wing nut job, a serious recreational drug user, and a big fan of Hunter Thompson. I read "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas" in Grade 9, shortly after it came out. I read parts of stoned on acid myself and couldn't believe how much it made me laugh. I decided to make it my manual for life and spent much of the next 10 years in
similar condition.

I have continued to be a big fan of the man's scribblings ever since. This blog has always carried a link to his column at ESPN. The last installment being 17 December had me a bit concerned. I would have expected something on the playoffs and the Superbowl but it never came. Now we know why.

PS - I have never let politics get in the way of appreciating true talent, which is why I have also been a big Zappa fan since I was 13. I didn't agree with the politics of the good Doctor but the entertainment value was enough. - KS


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