Friday, February 11, 2005

Atlas Shrugged At Wal-Mart

Nice One From Colby Cosh On The Wal-Mart Situation In Quebec Here

"It seems that the citizens of Jonquière didn't want to work for a non-unionized Wal-Mart, and now they're getting their wish--an eventuality that was, incidentally, at least as foreseeable as a Ken Griffey hamstring injury. Why aren't the employees thrilled about this? Wouldn't "Don't you dare close your evil, oppressive store, you heartless, convenient bastards!" be a good English translation of all the Gallic gibberish being spouted here? Am I alone in suspecting that this farce is being staged as a satire in honour of Ayn Rand's centenary? Do Quebeckers really think that calling in bomb threats to other Wal-Marts is a good way to keep the retailer in Quebec?"

Sask. Wal-Marts Expect Closures
Leader Post

Union Vows To Continue Wal-Mart Efforts CNEWS


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