Friday, May 27, 2005

Quebec Gets It Right

Quebec Bans Sharia
Blow to proponents of using Islamic law in Canadian society

National Post

The Quebec National Assembly yesterday unanimously adopted a resolution to oppose "the establishment of so-called Islamic tribunals in Quebec and in Canada," making the province the first to explicitly ban the use of sharia law.

"It's important to send a very clear message that there's one rule of law in Quebec," Premier Jean Charest said. "In our case, we are very much an inclusive society, but a society that will govern itself by one set of rules."

Copies of the resolution are being sent to all other legislatures across Canada.

Islamic fundamentalists have targeted Canada to introduce sharia law -- a code of conduct based on the Koran that critics say discriminates against women -- because of this country's rights guarantees and official multiculturalism, said Quebec Liberal Fatima Houda-Pepin, who proposed the private member's resolution. - More...

Ontario will make own decision about Muslim tribunals: McGuinty - CP


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