Sunday, July 03, 2005

Free Country You Say?

Stripped Of Rights
Tom Brodbeck - Winnipeg Sun

Thomas Hanaway, 80, never asked the government to take over his life.

But that's exactly what they've done to the Second World War veteran, cleaning out his bank account, seizing his pension cheques and assuming complete control over his life -- without even asking him or his family.

Hanaway was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease last year but lives with his wife Grace Hanaway, 79, and their son Thomas Hanaway Jr., 47, who care for him in their two-storey North End home.

Hanaway, a bit of a surly old guy with a good sense of humour, can walk and carry on a conversation. He eats on his own. He receives daily visits from home care workers, who bath and care for him.

He appears clean and well taken care of and he likes to watch TV in his living room.

For an 80-year-old man, he seems relatively lucid.

Despite that, the province's chief provincial psychiatrist has deemed him unfit and has appointed the Office of the Public Trustee to take over all of his affairs.

His family can no longer make medical decisions on his behalf. And if he wants to spend his money, he has to get permission from the Public Trustee, which has stripped him of some of his most basic rights.


Via - Canadian Taxpayers Federation Blog


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