Sunday, July 17, 2005

Stewart Big Winner, Gordon Big Loser

Stewart's Hot Streak Continues at Loudon

Tony Stewart climbed the fence in front of the grandstand in what has become his trademark victory celebration.

And a crowd of 100,000 at New Hampshire International Speedway roared its approval Sunday as he grabbed the checkered flag and pumped his fist in the air -- just as he did two weeks earlier after a victory at Daytona. He called himself fat then, and this time heaped on more self-deprecating humor.

"Trust me, I'll be glad to be panting like a dog when I get up there," he said. "It's something they like and I'll keep doing it for them." - More

Bad Brakes Dash Top-Five For Gordon at Loudon

After a half-hour spent behind closed doors debriefing, decompressing, disbelieving, Jeff Gordon emerged from the No. 24 transporter Sunday evening with a look on his face that suggested part amusement, part bewilderment.

The apple was right there, dangling before him. But just as he reached out to grab it, it was snatched from his grasp in the form of brake failure. - More


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