Sunday, August 28, 2005

More Government Meddling

Feds to ask CRTC to rescind pay-radio licences

Lobbying from broadcast operators is intensifying amid reports the federal government is ready to ask the CRTC to revoke its decision to licence satellite radio.

"Everything suggests that the cabinet will ask the CRTC to overturn its decision," an official close to the file said in an interview with The Canadian Press on Friday.

In June, the federal broadcast regulator granted the first satellite radio licences to Sirius -- a consortium of Radio-Canada and Standard Radio -- and a company called Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR). - More At CTV

Via Neale News

This is not a suprising development actually. I don't think sat radio will see the official light of day in this country until the Feds get a chance to cram it full of French and CanCon. Do not dispair though, there are plenty of American Sirius Radios for sale in Canada anyway. - KS


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