Sunday, October 16, 2005

Rumour Mill Media

When Will Mainstream Media Apologize for Katrina Goofs?
Mark Tapscott

Remember all those politicians and reporters warning folks to avoid at all costs the deadly mixture of chemicals, gasoline, human and animal waste and decaying bodies floating through New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina?

Guess what? Katrina left town Aug. 30, but it was not until Oct. 13 that The Washington Post got around to reporting that the “toxic soup” never showed up. The Post could possibly be forgiven, though, because there have been so many other mainstream media Katrina myths being debunked in recent weeks.

Remember those horrifying stories of rampaging gangs of murderous rapists in the New Orleans Convention Center and Superdome? Not true. Remember the stacks of bodies of people killed in those locations during five days of hell before help arrived? Not true. Remember the dead seven-year-old girl with the slashed throated and raped soul lying in the freezer? Not true.

Incredibly, there are more myths. Remember New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagins’ uncritically reported prediction that 10,000 people were dead? Not even close. Remember the snipers supposedly firing at rescue helicopters trying to save people from rooftops and hospitals? Didn’t happen. Remember the little babies being raped. No. The well-armed gangs pillaging block after block while dueling with hopelessly out-gunned cops? More myth. - More @


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