Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Appeasment Begins

Riots spread across borders

By Jennifer Joan Lee

Hoodlums stormed into the streets across France for a 12th night yesterday, burning schools, cars and public buildings in defiance of government threats of curfews and the call-up of police reserves.
A leading Muslim group, the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, has issued a fatwa, or order, telling Muslims not to join in the violence.
Authorities seemed unable to control the rioting, which reached a new peak on Sunday night and spread into neighboring Belgium and Germany. More than 1,400 vehicles were torched that night, and yesterday the rioting claimed its first fatality.
Neighboring countries, fearing a spillover of the violence, have urged France to deal effectively with the uprising, which has been concentrated in impoverished suburbs populated largely by North African immigrants, mostly Muslims, and their native-born children.
German officials reported five cars set on fire Sunday night in Berlin and six in the western city of Bremen. Belgian police said five cars were set on fire outside the main train station in Brussels. More @ Washington Times

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