Thursday, February 09, 2006

Books Banned In Cuba

Since this is a list of books banned in Cuba, it should serve as a list of required reading for us. Happy Reading!

1. Amnesty International. Amnesty International Report, 1999.
2. Ash, Timothy Garton. The Magic Lantern.
3. Cabrera Infante, Guillermo. View of Dawn in the Tropics.
4. Constitution of the United States of America.
5. Courtois, Stephane, et al. The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.
6.Cumerlato, Corinne and Denis Rousseau. La Isla del Doctor Castro: La Transición Secuestrado.
7. Diamond, Larry and Marc F. Plattner, eds. The Global Resurgence of Democracy.
8. Díaz-Briquets, Sergio and Jorge F. Pérez-López. Conquering Nature: The Environmental Legacy of Socialism in Cuba.
9. Edwards, Jorge. Persona Non Grata: A Memoir of Disenchantment with the Cuban Revolution.
10. Fernández Revuelta, Alina. Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba.
11. Franqui, Carlos. Diary of the Cuban Revolution.
12. Franqui, Carlos. Family Portrait with Fidel: A Memoir.
13. Furet, Francois. The Passing of an Illusion: The Idea of Communism in the Twentieth Century.
14. Geyer, Georgie Anne. Guerrilla Prince.
15. Gutiérrez Boronat, Orland. Hacia la gran nación.
16. Harrison, Lawrence E. Underdevelopment Is a State of Mind: The Latin American Case.
17. Havel, Vaclav. Living in Truth.
18. --. The Art of the Impossible.
19. --. Toward a Civil Society: Selected Speeches and Writings, 1990 – 1994.
20. --. The Power of the Powerless: Citizens Against the State in Central-Eastern Europe.
21. Human Rights Watch. Cuba’s Repressive Machinery: Human Rights Forty Years After the Revolution.
22. King, Martin Luther Jr. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
23. Matos, Húber. Cómo Llegó La Noche.
24. McDowell, Josh. Evidence that Demands a Verdict.
25. Mesa-Lago; Carmelo, Alberto Arenas; and Malena Barro. Market, Socialist, and Mixed Economies : Comparative Policy and Performance--Chile, Cuba, and Costa Rica.
26. Michnik, Adam. Letters from Prison.
27. Muller, Alberto and Oswaldo Payá. El Proyecto Varela.
28. Oppenheimer, Andrés. Castro’s Final Hour: An Eyewitness Account of the Disintegration of Castro’s Cuba.
29. Orwell, George. 1984.
30. --. Animal Farm.
31. Rojas, Rafael. José Martí: La Invención de Cuba.
32. Roosevelt, Eleanor, et al. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
33. Sakharov, Andrei. Sakharov Speaks.
34. Solzhenitsyn, Alexander. Letters to the Soviet Leaders.
35.Walensa, Lech. A Way of Hope.

More @ Babalublog

There is also more info there on the evil American Library Association's support for Castro's book burning. Strange bedfellows indeed.

h/t Pajamas Media


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