Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Watch Out Osama

New Canadian commando unit, ready for action by year's end, will help in hunt for Taliban, al-Qaida

A new secret commando unit will begin operating out of CFB Petawawa by year's end and see its ranks swell to 750 strong, according to the force's new commander.

Col. David Barr said the first soldiers vying for a coveted spot on the special regiment will first have to complete a grueling 16-week elite training session beginning this April in Petawawa.

Barr said he expects about 260 soldiers of that first group will meet the "high standard" set during the course and will then participate in some fall training before being deemed ready to conduct operations abroad.

"It will better enable us to counter, fight and defeat the terrorist threat at home and abroad," Barr told reporters yesterday after he was sworn in as the first commander of the Canadian special operations forces command.

Barr said the first pool of soldiers will mostly be plucked from existing units located at CFB Petawawa. More @


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