Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Stupidity Reigns At NBC

As Michelle Malkin reported here Dateline NBC was planning to manufacture a news story on Americans exibiting racist attitudes towards muslims. Their target... Nascar fans. In todays update on the story Nascar is plenty pissed at NBC stating "This is outrageous for a news organization with the reputation of NBC to stoop to the level of attempting to create news instead of reporting it. Any legitimate journalist should be ashamed."

The money quote is from a Nascar fan though:
Chris S. was also at the Martinsville race last weekend. He didn't see the ringers, but he did share this:

My wife and I attended last weekend's NASCAR race in Martinsville, and had a wonderful time. But if NBC wants to guarantee they get a negative reaction to their "plant", all they need to do is put him in a Jeff Gordon t-shirt. The Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fans will be sure to give him a rough time! His fans are definitely the most vocal of them all.

Too funny.


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