Saturday, January 15, 2005

Triangulating the War

Victor Davis Hanson has a nice piece on all the arm chair generals out there..

"We cannot flee, but must not stay. Iraqis publicly say we should leave, but privately beg us to remain. We were after cheap oil, but gas prices somehow climbed almost immediately after we went in. Democracy won't work with these people, but somehow we are seeing three elections in the wake of the Taliban, Arafat, and Saddam."

Everyone has a better idea on how this war should go, even those who have been against it all along. I remember when the pundits were talking about the quagmire that Afghanistan would become. How can the US win when the Russians were beat so badly there? When the elections are over in Iraq, things will settle down considerably, the terrorists will start to lose their stomach for this and start to go home. I do think that GW did the right thing when he said "Bring It On". How better to get terrorists from all across the middle east to come running to their own doom. KS


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