Sunday, July 17, 2005

Peace Keeping May Finally Be Dead

Our soldiers ready for 'big fight'

Remember when Jean Chretien said, two months after 9/11, that while Canada was sending 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan, "of course, we don't want to have a big fight there. We want to bring peace and happiness as much as possible"?

That was then. This is now. And now, hundreds of our soldiers are heading into Afghanistan's deadly Kandahar region to hunt down al-Qaida terrorists and Taliban fighters.

By February, 1,500 of our troops will be engaged there.

Their job, as Canada's top soldier, Gen. Rick Hillier, bluntly told the media last week, will be to target the "murderers and scumbags" who "are trying to ... blow up men and women in Afghanistan and ... provide a base for ... al-Qaida."

Hillier, named Chief of Defence Staff in February, broke every taboo imposed by the former Chretien regime in talking about this latest Canadian mission. He made it clear it is not about peacekeeping, but close-in combat against a dangerous enemy who employs tactics similar to those used by al-Qaida terrorists in Iraq against both military and civilian targets.

"We're not the public service of Canada ..." he said. "We are the Canadian Forces and our job is to be able to kill people."
- Totonto Sun Editorial

Hmm... I like this guy already - KS


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