Saturday, August 06, 2005

Speaking Of Terrorist Shitheads on Welfare

I dought that our welfare systems is any better shape. - KS

Four bomb suspects 'had £500,000 in benefits'

POLICE are investigating allegations that the four suspected July 21 bombers collected more than £500,000 in benefits payments in Britain.

The claim was made as the Bank of England moved to freeze financial accounts belonging to the men. Bank officials also disclosed the financial details of the suspects, Ramzi Mohammad, Yasin Hassan Omar, Muktar Said-Ibrahim and Hussain Osman. These showed how the men, all in custody, have used multiple aliases and addresses in recent years.

Mr Ibrahim, is said to have had six aliases. Some are also shown to have claimed several nationalities, ages and national insurance numbers while in Britain. Investigators believe that bogus names were used to make some benefit claims. - More @ Times Online

Via Little Green Footballs


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