Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Change In Focus Is Required

Reformation or Civil War?
The jihadists cannot be reasoned with, only defeated.

Victor Davis Hanson

Remember how shortly after September 11 Mohammed Atta’s lawyer father sounded worried in his cozy apartment? He stammered that his son did not help engineer the deaths of 3,000 Americans. According to him, the videos of the falling towers were doctored. Or maybe the wily Jews did it. Why, in fact, he had only talked to dear Mohammed Junior that very day, September 11. Surely someone other than his son was the killer taped boarding his death plane.

Apparently Mohammed el-Amir was worried of American retaliation — as if a cruise missile might shatter the very window of his upper-middle class Giza apartment on the premise that the father’s hatred had been passed on to the son.

He sings a rather different tune now. Mohammed el-Amir recently boasts that he would like to see more attacks like the July 7 bombings of the London subway.

Indeed, he promised to use any future fees from his interviews to fund more of such terrorist killings of the type that his now admittedly deceased son mastered. Apparently in the years since 9/11, el-Amir has lost his worry about an angry America taking out its wrath on the former Muslim Brotherhood member who sired such a monster like Atta.

Yet one wonders at what he is saying now, after the worst terrorist attack in Egyptian history at the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. - More

The French Seem To Be Getting The Idea

France stands firm on deportation of cleric

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy of France defended on Monday the deportation of an Algerian cleric as part of France's new zero-tolerance policy toward radical Muslim preachers following the London terror attacks.

Abdelhamid Aissaoui, 41, who was convicted for his role in an attempted terrorist attack 10 years ago and has preached occasionally in a mosque in Lyon, in central France, was returned to his home country on a French plane on Saturday.

He became the first of a dozen radical imams currently under observation by the French intelligence services to be expelled from France since Sarkozy pledged 10 days ago to clamp down on extremist preachers. - International Herald Tribune

When Will Canada Do The Same?

Fundamentalist won't condemn bombs
Heads Toronto mosque attended by Khadr family

Dr. Hindy, who has a doctorate in engineering from the University of Western Ontario, presides over the Salaheddin Islamic Centre, a fundamentalist mosque and school, some of whose former congregants are suspected of having links to al-Qaeda.

Dr. Hindy is at turns solicitous and somewhat evasive when answering questions, and he is no stranger to controversy. Last week, he publicly criticized CSIS and earned the enmity of many of his fellow imams across the country by refusing to join them in a collective statement denouncing the terrorist attacks in London. He was also shut out of a meeting with Prime Minister Paul Martin, who met on Thursday with the imams who signed the declaration.

"Why should we sign a declaration against terrorism when it is obvious that we don't support it?" he asked. "The statement is implying that we bear some guilt for what happened in London, which is simply not true."

Earlier this week, Dr. Hindy told an interviewer for the CBC that the London attacks might have been part of a plot by the United States.

"I'm really wondering how come this terrorist attack happened just exactly before the Congress debated renewing the Patriot Act," he said.

The comment, which was condemned by many of his fellow imams, won praise with others in the Muslim community.

"He's consistent," says Tariq Fatah, a spokesman for the Canadian Muslim Congress. "He has integrity and he sticks to what he's saying." - National Post

Hindy and the Khadr family should be the first on the list to have their citizenship revoked and to be deported. - KS


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