Wednesday, July 20, 2005

News Flash For All Criminal Geniuses

A quick note to all you prospective wife killers out there: You will be the prime suspect, every time. It didn't work for Scott Peterson, that other loser in Utah, or now for this stupid kent in Edmonton. So save us all the trouble and just fricken leave her. Leave the house, leave the kids, and get the fuck out already. Just go. You are obviously to stupid to be of any use to your family anyway, so just go. - KS

Edmonton police say cause of pregnant mother's death undetermined

Liana White and her unborn child were killed in a violent struggle and left to decompose in a ditch in a crime that has shattered the lives of her three-year-old daughter and other family members.

Her husband Michael White, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder in her death and with committing an indignity to a dead body. The 29-year-old hospital clerk's body was too decomposed to immediately determine how she died, Edmonton Police Det. Michael Campeau told reporters Tuesday. Her identity was determined by dental records.

Campeau said the families of both Michael and Liana are devastated.

"It's a tragic day. It's not a victory for the police service. It's just a tragic day for two families. We're not here to celebrate anything. Unfortunately it's a tragedy for both sets of families. Liana's mom is not doing well at all," he said.

Campeau said he felt especially sorry for the couple's daughter Ashley, who was believed to be in the custody of Liana's mother.

"I do. She's lost both her mom and dad."

Campeau wouldn't comment on whether White was stabbed or strangled, but did say "There are signs on the body she was involved in a struggle."

Further tests need to be done to determine cause of death, he said.

When asked about a motive, the veteran detective would only say "We are still working on that. There are still many leads to follow up on."

The police announcement came only hours after an exhausted-looking Michael White made his first court appearance, where he reserved plea on the charges against him. - More @ CP


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