Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ontario Flirts With Sharia Disaster

Two stories from CP on this one. It is time to end this multicultural garbage for good and move back to the melting pot. People coming to this country should be required to learn our history and our language immediately. They should be required to uphold our laws under pain of deportation. That way if they don't like the country they are in they are always free to find another. - KS

Sharia law debate badly skewed; Boyd says plan would restrict, not unleash
Marion Boyd has been both ridiculed and applauded as the supposed architect of Ontario opening its family law system to Muslim Sharia dispute resolution. But the exasperated former Ontario attorney general says both extremes are wildly misrepresenting what she recommended the province do as it considers reforms to its civil arbitration act. Rather than opening a door, Boyd's provincially commissioned report last December recommended placing limits and oversight mechanisms on an arbitration system currently open to abuse. - CP

Terror in Europe, Sharia in Canada spark same row: whither multiculturalism?

It seems a long way from the London terrorist bombings to a public policy debate in Canada over family arbitration reforms. But each has sparked a heated debate on both sides of the Atlantic over the merits of multiculturalism as state policy and the role of what some call "political Islam" in secular societies. - CP

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