Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hughes On Not Missing The CBC

Hate mail and fan mail keeps coming. Beautiful.

Bob Hughes
The Leader-Post

"There is the usual hunk of mail from somebody still festering over some ill-advised comments I had to make about the CBC when the employees went on strike in the middle of August. I mean, when they were locked out. They simply confirm what those of us in the media who are working stiffs knew all along. That would be, most members of the media have little difficulty in dishing out criticism. But most of us really don't like it when it comes our way. And the thinnest skin of the bunch are some of those who ride the union security within the CBC, the money-gobbling government-controlled outfit that never has to worry about showing a profit. They get $1 billion of the taxpayers' money every year, and they just spend, spend, spend. In light of the incredible damage of the walkout, er lockout, the CBC is facing the huge task of convincing television viewers it holds such a valuable place in this country. With so many television channels available now, and especially with the hundreds that come in on satellite dishes, why should the government continue propping up the television side? And, please, spare us the excuse that CBC-TV unites the country. Canada didn't break up when they were locked out, if anybody even noticed. CBC-TV was once the kingpin of sports. No more. It's lost the Olympics. Its CFL coverage is nowhere near as sound as TSN's. And it's completely messed up curling. CBC Radio is different. It remains unique. Keep those cards and letters coming. Beautiful." More @ The Leader Post


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