Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Khadr Family Not Deported Yet?

Abdullah Khadr bought weaponry to kill Americans abroad, affidavit alleges

The oldest son in a Canadian family long dogged by accusations it had close ties to al-Qaida admitted his involvement in a plot to kill Americans and the prime minister of Pakistan, an affidavit unsealed Monday alleges.

While in a Pakistani prison in July, Abdullah Khadr confessed to American authorities he bought weapons two years earlier for al-Qaida to use against United States forces in Afghanistan, Corp. Richard Jenkins of the RCMP said in the sworn affidavit.

During a six-month period in 2003, Khadr bought about $20,000 worth of AK-47 rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, rockets and mortar rounds, Jenkins said in the document supporting Khadr's extradition to the U.S.

"In addition, he confessed that he provided explosive components, namely hydrogen peroxide, to make mines for al-Qaida's use," said Jenkins, a member of a national security enforcement unit which investigates criminal extremism in Canada. More @ National Post

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