Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The P.A. Buys Another Mass Murder

Despite "condemnation", PA continues to support and indoctrinate suicide bombers

In yet another bloody Palestinian terrorist attack, five Israelis were killed outside a shopping mall in Netanya while scores of others were wounded.


In this week's cover story investigating the phenomenon of female suicide bombers, Newsweek uses Dr. Eyad Sarraj (a discredited but frequently used media source), to make the claim that it is Israeli rule that promotes suicide bombing. (Note, the issues we are referencing came to light before the Netanya bombing and refer to the phenomenon of suicide bombing in general as opposed to specific attacks.)

Years under Israeli rule have broken down the structures of Palestinian families. "The image of the strong, providing father who can protect his women and children has been badly damaged and the male role has been eroded away," says Dr. Eyad Sarraj, director of Gaza Community Mental Health. That opens the way for radical groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad to teach young boys that the way to be real men is to be religious-and to be ready to die.

However, despite official condemnation of terror attacks for "harming Palestinian interests," by providing cash for the families of suicide bombers and using its state controlled media to glorify "martyrdom," it is actually the Palestinian Authority which is the "root cause" of Palestinian terrorism.


According to the Jerusalem Newswire (see also FrontPage Magazine):

On December 5, 2005 (the same day as the Netanya attack) Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas approved financial aid to the families of all "Palestinians" killed in conflict with Israel, the majority of whom died while engaging in acts of violence against men, women, children and soldiers.

The order was signed on the very day a Palestinian Arab blew himself up at a shopping mall in central Israel, slaughtering five people and wounding more than 50. The bomber's family, along with those of every other deceased killer, will now receive at least $250 a month in direct government aid, according to the new law.

The PA's message to its people is clear, suicide bombings are legitimate and worthy of state compensation. - More @ HonestReporting.com


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