Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks Guys

“2-2-Bravo” gives a thumbs up after returning from their final mission on the busy streets of Kandahar City. After six months of patrols supporting the Provincial Reconstruction Team, at Camp Nathan Smith in Afghanistan, they will leave shortly to return home to Canada to join their families. (L-R) are Master Corporal Jason Keen, Corporal Chance Fiessel, Master Corporal Gillis, Private Steve Price, Section Commander Sergeant Ken Lockie, Pte. Jason Taylor, Pte Chris Berube and Pte. Shane Iverson.

The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) is composed of about 250 soldiers mainly from Land Force Western Area (LFWA) and 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG), located in Edmonton Alberta. The PRT brings together Canadian military personnel, civilian police, diplomats and aid workers in an integrated effort to reinforce the authority of the Afghan government in and around Kandahar, and to help stabilize the region. To achieve these goals, the PRT conducts security patrols, contributes labour and resources to local reconstruction efforts, supports local governance institutions, and facilitates reforms in the security sector. - DND

Four Canadian soldiers slightly wounded in roadside bombing in Afghanistan

Four Canadian soldiers escaped with bumps, bruises and a concussion after a roadside bomb exploded next to their light armoured vehicle in southern Afghanistan on Thursday, part of an escalating campaign by insurgents resisting U.S.-and NATO-led forces.

The unidentified soldiers were riding in a 21-tonne LAV-3 armoured vehicle when the explosion occurred 50 kilometres north of Kandahar. They did not require hospitalization, said a Canadian military spokesman. The attack came less than a month after a Canadian diplomat was killed and three soldiers seriously wounded by a suicide bomber in Kandahar.

The troops wounded in the Thursday evening attack are part of a 2,200-member Canadian force known as Task Force Orion that is gearing up to take over patrols in the volatile, ultra-conservative region. - CP


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