Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The mother of 18-year-old suicide bomber Sami Salim Hamad holds a poster proclaiming Hamad as a martyr at their family's house in the West Bank village of Arakah near Jenin April 18, 2006. Hamad killed nine people and wounded 60 others in a suicide attack in Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

“Even though I am suffering, my suicide bomber son was a hero”. - TimesOnline Via LGF

List of the Murdered - Michelle Malkin
David Shaulov, 29, from Holon
Philip Balhasan, 45, from Ashdod
Victor Erez, 60, from Givataim
Binyamin Chafuta, 47, from Lod
Lily Yunes, 42, from Oranit
Rosalia Basnia, 48, a Romanian foreign worker
Bodha Piroshka, 50, a Romanian foreign worker
Ariel Darhi, 31 from Bat Yam
Marcel Cohen, 73, from Nice, France


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