Saturday, January 15, 2005

High Tech Piracy Down On The Farm

Wired Magazine has this ineresting story on seed piracy.

Monsanto's "seed police" snared soy farmer Homan McFarling in 1999, and the company is demanding he pay it hundreds of thousands of dollars for alleged technology piracy. McFarling's sin? He saved seed from one harvest and replanted it the following season, a revered and ancient agricultural practice.

"My daddy saved seed. I saved seed," said McFarling, 62, who still grows soy on the 5,000 acre family farm in Shannon, Mississippi, and is fighting the agribusiness giant in court. More


Blogger Sean McCormick said...

Why not just avoid Monsanto's seed in the first place? My father-in-law has organic crops. The farmer next to him has GM crops. The GM crops are sickly looking and expensive. My father-in-law's crops not only look better, but he consistently gets a better yield with practically no weeds. That's what planting and rotating properly can do for you.

1:14 AM  

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