Sunday, September 04, 2005

Lost Opportunity

Governor Acts - Sort Of

Press Release

Date: 9/1/2005 (Thursday)

Contact:Denise Bottcher or Roderick Hawkins at 225-342-9037

Governor Blanco Announces Executive Order

Baton Rouge, LA— Governor Blanco today announced the following Executive Order:

Executive Order NO. KBB 2005- 31- provides that pursuant to the Louisiana Homeland Security and Emergency Assistance and Disaster Act, R.S. 29:721, et seq., grants emergency powers to the governor, where, she has in consultation with school superintendents, utilized public school buses for transportation of Hurricane Katrina evacuees. As you are aware most public school districts will not begin school until Tuesday, September 6th 2005.

The full text of the above mentioned proclamation is available on the Internet at

Lets See Those Busses Again:

"With the improved resolution we count 255 buses in that one lot. That means at a capacity of 66 on board, 16,830 New Orleans residents could have been evacced out in one trip. Even if you have a lower capacity per bus, say 50 per bus, you're still getting nearly 13,000 out in one run. In an emergency mandatory evacuation, you could probably get away with putting more than 66 on each of those buses.

When we said that the buses are now expenses instead of assets, this is what we meant. Not only are those buses ruined, their disuse resulting in lives lost, but now they're spilling oil and gas out into the already polluted water. A spark near that slick could cause yet another fire and a whole new set of explosions."

Via Junk Yard Blog & LGF

It seems some 20 percent of New Orlean's residents chose not not evacuate, even when told to do so on August 28th, before the storm hit. Granted many did not have the means to evacuate themselves. The responsibility for this lies with the Mayor of New orleans and the Governor of Louisiana. - KS


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